1816 (to the tune Over the Hills and Far Away)

Aldreth Mill

Bideford Bridge (to the tune King of the Fairies)

Black Bank (to the tune The Twa Bonny Maids)


Ely Stars (to the tune Brighton Camp)

English Country Gardens (to the tune English Country Gardens)

Goose Green (Lady Anne Montgomery)

Greenham Common (Long Odds)

Henry Crabbe (The Tide Came In)

Luddington (Lillibulero)

Padnal (Clare Dragoons)

Penn Hanky (Come Ashore Jolly Jack Tar)

Plymouth Girls (The Quaker)

Poppyfields (Walter Bulwer’s Polka)

Pottersbury (Speed the Plough)

Prickwillow Pump (TV)

Twiglet (Auvergne Polka)