Event Photos



Coton Morris DoD 2018

Coton Morris DoD 2017

Ely Potato Festival, October 2016

March Christmas Fair 2015

Oakworth Village Morris Men Weekend of Dance 2015

Dancing the sun up on May Day 2015

Ely Apple Day 2014

Ely Folk Festival 2014

Dancing the sun up on May Day 2014

Straw Bear 2013

Ely Folk Festival 2012

Ely Folk Festival 2012 by Lezley

May Day dawn 2012

Straw Bear 2012

Ely Apple Day 2011

Photos of Ely Apple Day 2011 taken by Rachel

Recruitment day held by Elriot and Coton Morris Men, Feb 2011

Straw Bear 2011

Ely Apple Day 2010

Littleborough Rushbearing Festival 2010
and an article in Rochdale Online with more photos in a gallery under the picture

Straw Bear 2010

Playford Ball 2009

Suffolk Folk Festival 2009

Pymoor Show 2009

Wicken Fen 2009

May Day dawn 2009

St. George’s Day festival, March 2009

Straw Bear 2009

Brugge 2006

Ely 2005

Miscellaneous (including Straw Bear 2008 and Littleport Fete 2006)